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Paper Session

Konferenz über audiovisuelle Medien

DSR in Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Paper Brief & Manuscript Screening Session

Next session: 20 Sep 2023 I 2pm - 3pm

Organization: Leonhard Gebhardt (ICN Business School) and Christoph Seckler (ESCP Business School)

The Session is a virtual event to introduce and discuss topical papers on Design Science Research (DSR) in the domains of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as the daily practice of academia. Especially early career researchers are invited to present their manuscripts before submission to a refereed journal to receive peer feedback.

In the coming DSR Paper Brief, Prof. Christoph Seckler will lead the discussion of the paper "Supporting Nascent Spin-offs in Identifying and Selecting Applications for New Technologies" by Manthey and Terzidis. Beyond the initial feedback, we will devote the main part of the session to sharing your ideas.

We also look forward to hearing about Julia Gunnoltz's study on entrepreneurs' peer learning in an incubator setting. She is interested in the role of design principles for peer learning and is looking to discuss in the coming session the potential for future research (collaborations).

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