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Ask me Anything Session with 
Jan vom Brocke

On the 19.02.24, we had an insightful #AMA online session via Zoom with about 30 participants. Starting with DS:E Fellow Jan's personal path to Design Science Research (DSR), we delved deeper into three overarching topics in session: 

1) Idea generation for research project: We spoke about how to find design ideas (speak with practitioners), how to address future problems (adopt a builders mindset from #IS that can be adopted in other disciplines), and why an interdisciplinary research environment is important.


2) DSR Paper Writing & Publishing: The discussion ranged from parceling out ones research according to design echelons (in line with a forthcoming piece at MISQ: Dealing with Complexity in Design Science Research) and the necessity to not oversell ideas, but clearly communicate the context and boundaries of found solutions.


3) Future direction of DSR research: In the last section, we ended with Jan's view on how young scholars can find future research fields (problem-based: work on SDGs, solution-based: look at AI, best combine both).

Jan vom Brocke's personal path to Design Science Research.

Design Science Research Ideas: Where to Find Them.

How can Design Science address future challenges?

Using Design Echelons to Support Planning, Conducting, and Communicating Design Knowledge Contributions

Evaluate and demonstrate the usefulness of the artifact.

How to address Design Science Research unfamiliar reviewers?

What are the most promising areas of research potential for design science research?

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