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Get engaged in various roles and functions in DS:E

Exploring Collaborative Opportunities with DS:E Across Three Distinct Roles

The DS:E aims to foster contributorship to the DS:E community

Here are three example activity areas:

Get engaged in research activities

Get engaged in joint teaching activities

Get engaged in the joint bridging activities

Join paper development workshops, sessions and DS:E courses

Share teaching materials with the community to educate the next generation

Connect DS:E members with partners from practice to work on projects

Engage in DS:E conference activities (e.g. at AoM, BCERC, VHB, etc.)

Share best practices with the DS:E community (online or in sessions)

Host events to connect entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, VC, and DS scholars

Initiate a research initiative together with other members of the DS:E community

Conduct and teach Design Science courses and workshops 

Get involved in one of the DS:E Competence Centers

Join the DS:E Community of Scholars to receive regular updates about the DS:E Center

Fill out the form to be part of the DS:E  Community of Scholar

Find out more about the Community of Scholar here

Be Part of the DS:E Community of Scholar and fill out the form

Thank you for joining our Community of Scholars. We will upload your profile as soon as possible.

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