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Ask me Anything Session with 
Georges Romme 10.06.2024

On 10.06.24 we had an insightful #AMA online session via Zoom with more than 20 participants. Starting with DS:E Fellow Georges Romme's personal path to Design Science Research (DSR), we delved deeper into how to conduct and publish design science in a Q&A session. 

Introduction of Georges Romme by DS:E

Georges Romme's personal path to design research

Q&A: What is the difference between Design Science and Design Research / Thinking?

Q&A: Choosing the right experts for the design science project

Q&A: How to test and validate artifacts (based on experts or other methods)

Q&A: What kind of data analysis should be done during a design science project? ("DS does not excuse sloppy data.")

Q&A: Assessment of Pragmatic Validity in Organization Design

Q&A: Experience in design through your work as a lecturer

Q&A: SI in Technovation - How sophisticated should the artifacts be?

Q&A: What are strategies to confine "context" for CIMO or CAMO rules in non-organizational settings?

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