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At the DS:E, we believe that design science enables entrepreneurship scholars to combine cutting-edge research with real world impact. We enable entrepreneurship scholars to engage in design science research in three ways. First, we bring together design science experts from different disciplines to further develop the design science research paradigm for the entrepreneurship field. Second, we educate interested entrepreneurship scholars in doing high impact design science research . Third, we serve as a platform to match firms’ entrepreneurial practice challenges with design science scholars.


Postdoc Position at Einhoven University of Technology

At Eindhoven University of Technology, we're looking for a postdoc to join a H2020-funded research program on #businessmodels and #ecosystem management in poultry production systems. We're especially interested in candidates with doctoral degrees in Industrial Engineering, Innovation Management, Agroecology and/or Agribusiness Development or similar backgrounds. The project will draw on #design science, #stakeholder analysis, #sustainability theory and #systemsthinking. If you're interested, or if you know a good candidate, please contact Georges Romme or Arjan Markus.

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