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  • DESRIST2023 | University of Pretoria
    Mi., 31. Mai
    University of Pretoria
    31. Mai, 00:00 – 03. Juni, 00:00
    University of Pretoria , Lynnwood Rd, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa
    Design Science Research for a New Society: Society 5.0
  • DESRIST 2022 Call for Papers and Participation
    Mi., 01. Juni
    St. Petersburg, FL, USA
    01. Juni 2022, 00:00
    St. Petersburg, FL, USA
    St. Petersburg, FL, USA 1-3 June 2022
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Past Events

Events: Past Events

The Promise of Design Science as a Research Approach: Getting Inspired and Learning from Each Other

July 31, 2021

Professional Development Workshop at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

Scholars interested in topics of entrepreneurship and innovation are increasingly embracing the design science research (DSR) approach. DSR is rooted in Herbert Simon’s The Sciences of the Artificial (1996) and aims at developing instrumental knowledge, that is scientific knowledge guiding action. While entrepreneurship and innovation scholars across various divisions increasingly develop ideas on how to design, conduct, and communicate DSR, this knowledge is still much dispersed. 

It is the aim of this Professional Development Workshop (PDW) to share ideas on DSR, to develop novel DSR research ideas, and to build connections within the growing entrepreneurship and innovation DSR community. This PDW will be an interactive and engaging online format with two parts. 

Part 1 will be an interactive discussion panel with outstanding DSR scholars from the fields of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, and information systems. 

Part 2 will be a research incubation session in which novel DSR research opportunities will be developed and pitched. Overall, this innovative PDW aims at getting inspired, learning from others, and building community.

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