Guiding Principles for doing Design Science in Entrepreneurship

In this section, we build on the previously discussed conceptual foundations to provide practical guidance on how to conduct good design science in entrepreneurship (see Table 1). We formulate four guiding principles grounded in the dimensions which we have identified as integral to design science as a specific scientific approach: (1) aim, (2) problem, (3) background knowledge, and (4) methods (Bunge, 1996: 79). For each of these dimensions, we provide one overarching guiding principle as well as more specific guiding questions to provide guidance for planning, conducting, and assessing design science research in entrepreneurship. To develop the guiding frameworks, we draw considerably on work from other fields, and particularly the IS field (e.g., Baskerville et al., 2018; Gregor et al., 2020; Gregor & Hevner, 2013; Hevner et al., 2004; Venable et al., 2012; vom Brocke et al., 2020).

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