Guiding Principle 3

Be Comprehensive in Drawing on the Best Available Scientific Knowledge in Analyzing, Designing, and Evaluating

A third guiding principle for conducting good design science is to draw on the best scientific knowledge available in analyzing, designing, and evaluating. Building on the existing body of scientific knowledge is one of the hallmarks that differentiates design science from practice (Drechsler & Hevner, 2018). However, the question of how to effectively leverage the existing knowledge base is by no means trivial (Drechsler & Hevner, 2018). In the knowledge base utilization framework (see Figure 5), we provide guidance on how to leverage the knowledge base (i.e., explanatory knowledge and design knowledge) for three typical sub-problems of a design science project: analysis, design and evaluation (e.g., Peffers et al., 2007; Sein, Henfridsson, Purao, Rossi, & Lindgren, 2011; Van Aken & Berends, 2018).

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